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  1. Hello Tom,

    My name is Anthony Rosado and I am a Native Bushwick anti-displacement activist and artist. I have been researching community inclusive planning for the sake of spreading information to my community members about the power we have to take back our community. Reading your community planning book has opened my eyes to so many more aspects of gentrification, including the beauty of organizing and mobilizing without training in the field.

    I am the first Native Bushwick core member of Arts in Bushwick, an overglorified organization that has spent the last nine years acting as catalyst to gentrification. I joined this past summer. Via many questions, I was able to encourage the departure of selfish, prominent members of the core team.

    There have been many changes since the inception of this new core team. We are developing a book to be published this October, during the first weekend of Bushwick Open Studios 2016. I am curating an anthology for the book. I am collecting articles, poems, and photography from diverse sources (all involved in gentrification in some facet).

    I know this is a stretch, but your words and information are so necessary in these times. I want to help spread the knowledge you’ve culminated. Would you be willing to submit your “5 Things a Gentrifier Can Do” short article and a synopsis of your community planning book?

    I would be so honored to have you be part of this process.


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