Selected journal articles

” Urban Latin America: Violence, Enclaves, and Struggles for Land,” Latin American Perspectives-2013-Angotti-5-20 Latin American Perspectives. Issue 189, 40:2, March 2013, 5-20. Introduction to theme issue with the same name, edited by me.

“Placemaking in New York City: From Puerto Rican to Pan-Latino,” in Diálogos: Placemaking in Latino Communities, Ed. by Michael Rios and Leonardo Vazquez, with Lucrezia Miranda, Routledge, 2012.

“The Urban-rural Divide and Food Sovereignty in India,”01_JDS~28_4-01-Angotti_F.indd Journal of Developing Societies. 28:4, 2012, 379-402.

“El Nuevo Espacio Público de Nueva York: ¿Para Quién?” Ciudades, Una Ecuación Imposible. Mireia Belil, Jordi Borja y Marcelo Corti (eds) Barcelona: Icaria, 2012, 159-161.

“The Gentrification Dilemma,” Spontaneous Interventions: Design Actions for the Common Good. Venice Biennale, 2012.

“Right to the City versus Urban Divide: Two Separate Approaches,” Intractable Democracy: Fifty Years of Community-based Planning. Ed. by Anusha Venkataraman. Pratt Institute, 2010, 121-123.

“Urban Planning for Food Security: Reinventing City and Countryside with Jane Jacobs.” Plan Canada. Summer 2009, 55-57.

“Fifty Years of Rectification,” Latin American Perspectives. 36:1, 2009, 130-131.

“Environmental Justice Praxis:  Lessons for the Theory And Practice of Interdisciplinary Urban Health” with Julie Sze. Interdisciplinary Urban Health Research and Practice, edited by Nicholas Freudenberg, Susan Klitzman, and Susan Saegert. Jossey-Bass, 2009, 19-41.

“Lovely Plan, Lousy Process,” The New York 2030 Notebook. New York: Institute for Urban Design, 2008, 21.

“Is New York’s Sustainability Plan Sustainable?” Sustainability Watch Working Paper, 2008.

New York’s Open Schoolyards Initiative: Will Artificial Turf Make it a Public Health Hazard? with Paige Cowett and Shira Siegel. Sustainability Watch Working Paper, 2008.

Preface, Luoghi Pubblici e Pianificazione Democratica da Caterina Timpanaro, Ed.It (Italy), 2007.

“Community Land Trusts and Low-Income Multifamily Rental Housing,” with Cecilia Jagu, Working Paper, Lincoln Institute of Land Policy, December 2006.

“Apocalyptic Anti-Urbanism: Mike Davis and his Planet of Slums,” Review essay, International Journal of Urban and Regional Research.  30:4 December, 2006. Also in Critica della Razionalità Urbana. 19, primo semestre 2006 (Italy), and the University of Sao Paulo Review.

“Cities in Latin America:  More Inequality,” Cities in Latin America_More Inequality Latin American Perspectives 33:6, November, 2006, 165-174.

“Urban Renewal in Italy and the United States: A Retrospective,” in Rome and New York City: Comparative Urban Problems at the End of the 20th Century. Ed. By Victor Goldsmith & Eugenio Sonnino. Università La Sapienza, 2005.

“Urbanization and Planning: Inequality and Unsustainability,” in Development Theory and Practice. Edited by Ronald H. Chilcote Rowman & Littlefield, 2003.

“The Contributions of José Carlos Mariátegui to Revolutionary Theory,” Mariategui Latin American Perspectives. Issue 49, 13:2, Spring 1986, 33-57.


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